Make Great Extracts. Work With Great People.

Our Story

Our why is simple: make great extracts, work with great people.
At Pantheon, our team is the key to success. We’ve designed a culture of inclusivity and as a team, we strive to lead by a good example. We believe in operating in a fair and transparent way to create an environment of trust and respect. We are fuelled by a genuine connection with our customers and a passion for the plant. The synergy between legacy and professional experience allows us to honor the plant while delivering consistently at scale.
We believe in fostering strong, authentic partnerships with our clients. We enjoy working with producers that respect the plant and admire the hard work and dedication that goes into producing high-quality biomass. We take great pride in knowing the business we built allows us to work with some of Canada’s most talented growers. It’s a way of doing business that embodies why we started Pantheon in the first place. We have an unwavering commitment to our industry partners and are dedicated to sustainable success.