Forty Acre Blends Muscle Miracle

A jar of Muscle Miracle can provide benefits for the whole body. It can be used for pain relief, while providing benefits to the skin. The Canadian Kisolite® Clay provides relief for skin ailments and other irritations. This gel will instantly provide a cool and soothing feeling that digs deep to help relieve thoes harsh pains. Pure hemp based CBD isolate, <99.5%, is used in our formulation, providing a safe option for anyone apprehensive about trying cannabis products or are sensitive to THC. Ingredient Spotlight: Kisolite® Clay A rare clay found on the Coast of BC, Kisolite Clay has been used for centuries by some indigenous peoples to help with skin issues and pian, and is thought to have been discovered by the Heiltsuk people. It has recently been studied at LIT and other research institutes for its unique properties. Through anecdotal evidence and preclinical research, the clay is now know to be beneficial for oxygenation, hydration, regulation and regeneration of epithelial cells, as well as processing profound anti inflammatory properties
Eucalyptol, Menthol
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