Forty Acre Blends Hi-Roller

Produced in a roller-ball container, Hi-Roller is a CBD topical that allows mess￾free application. Hi-Roller will help manage pain, while also providing moisturizing and anti-inflammatory benefits. The Canadian Kisolite® Clay provides relief for skin ailments and other irritations. Pure hemp based CBD isolate, <99.5%, is used in our formulation, providing a safe option for anyone apprehensive about trying cannabis products or are sensitive to THC.   Ingredient Spotlight: Kisolite® Clay It is believed the clay, unlike tidal or alluvial mud's, were naturally formed when volcanic activity rapidly melted the ice covering the Central Coast of British Columbia. Diverse and pristine rainforest flora surrounds the Kisameet Bay Clay Deposit and may contribute to the clay's unique properties. One thing is certain; this unique mineral supports life and is different from minerals mined from oceans or seas. For thousands of years, the minerals in the Kisameet Bay deposit have given life to the nutrient-rich blanket of coastal flora.
Eucalyptol, Menthol
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