Sara's Secret Caviar

Stunning & Smooth

Sara's Secret Caviar was made from micro-grown fresh frozen outdoor cannabis. This extract has a stunning, light yellow appearance and stellar terpene profile. Open the jar to find homogenized mini diamonds throughout a flavour-packed high terpene sauce. When smoked, this caviar has an exceptionally smooth finish and punchy flavours of sweet vanilla, berry and earthy pungent notes. This lot is incredibly special to us as it was grown by the late Dan Paul. Dan's passion for growing weed started in his early 20s. After retiring from his corporate job in Forestry he devoted his time to teaming up with legacy growers from the Slocan Valley to research the best strains. Together, Dan and Anne-Marie spent their spring and summer caring for their plants and building the business. Tragically, Dan passed away several months ago. This Caviar, with the help of Dan's wife Anne-Marie, was created in his memory.
Caryophyllene, Farnesene, Limonene
Citrus, Citrus Spicy, Orange
Total THC:
Total CBD:
Total Terpenes:
1 g Caviar Jar